Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So what do you do when you fail?

So what do you do when you fail?  Did I fail?  Hmmm.  I guess I did.  I set out with a goal (possibly unrealistic) to read the bible chronologically in one year.  My chronological bible is 1,430 pages.  That breaks down to about 4 pages per day.  When put that way it seems so very easy to complete.  Four pages in one day - It wouldn't take long.  I'm a fast reader.  It wouldn't take long if I was only reading the pages.  The problem is understanding, interpreting, and relating those pages with my life.  Maybe not exactly my life but life in general.  I find that I am easily sidetracked.  I start reading....come across a fun word, a confusing word, a statement I've heard before and it gets me sidetracked.  I then spend an hour looking up the video for the singing bush from the three amigos.  Then I start to wonder, what other jokes have I missed?
Anyway, here I am sidetracked from my original topic.
My original topic is that I have picked up my bible a few times to only be distracted.  A recommendation from a few people was to read John.
hmmmmmm  John
John is in the New Testament.......
I was still in the old testament....A long way from the New Testament still.
Read John.
I am still hesitant.  It's been nearly a month from the initial suggestion to read John and I've read part of the first chapter. I read part of the first chapter then stopped.  I stopped and didn't pick it up again. 

Why am I hesitant?  Because it seems like there are many people that are so enthusiastic about the New Testament that they have practically ignored the Old Testament.  When I started to read the bible many people would stop me and tell me they thought I should read the New Testament first.  I heard his statement several times. This almost made it worse.  Like a defiant teenager it made me want to read the Old Testament. 

So when people continued to ask me to read John I remained and still remain hesitant.

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  1. Hi Kelly -

    nice to hear from you. I'm glad you're still interested in the Bible. You ad I were trying to read it at the same time. I succeeded with the Bible, then set myself the task of reading the Apocrypha, and failed dismally!

    Don't feel guilty! Sometimes God speaks through the distractions, though I have to say he hasn't yet spoken to me through the three amigos. There's always a first time.

    Why not read a bit of the Old Testament that interests you? You don't have to read it all, not even a whole book.

    I guess people are telling you to start with the New Testament because it's easier. I'd say never mind easy, go for interesting.