Friday, June 10, 2011

confession time

I'm not sure I have mentioned this before but I went to a catholic grade school through the 4th grade.  So, while I have led on that I am a religious novice...I have been to church a lot and said a lot of rosary's.  I have also said a lot of hail mary's and our father's after confession.  Why?  Because even as  a child...I cussed.  Sometimes, no one knew except my little hoodlum friends at catholic school.  But on certain Wednesday's the Priest knew what God already knew....I cussed.  I liked to cuss.  I thought it was funny. 
It is interesting to me that so many people have issues with confession to a priest and say to me "you don't have to have anyone communicate to God for you" 
I honestly don't see confession in that way.  It seems a lot of people have issues with confession.  I just see it as being held accountable.  It is much harder telling someone that you know, someone who believes you are trying to be a good "christian/catholic/whatever"  your sins.  God already knows this stuff.  You aren't telling God anything.  You are telling someone a leader of your church that you have failed and that you will try hard not to fail again. 
I believe that if you tell your mistakes out loud to someone that you respect there is much more accountability.  You are much less likely to repeat these same sins.  They are or should be embarassing. 

Well here's my confession to my blogging community...I have failed in my attempt to continue reading the bible.  My life has taken over and parts of me feel like I am so far behind I can't catch up. 
I think I have failed for a few reasons... I have over-analyzed. 
I tend to over-analyze things.  I'm a science based thinker and I like to research things.  That means I like to read multiple versions of the bible and compare/contrast.  I like to research the archaeology to the this real or just a really good folktale.  I also like to read other summaries, etc about what I've read....this means I was devoting at least 1-2 hours a day to my bible reading quest.  As life took over my studying fell off and here I am over a month later completely disappointed that I've failed in my quest. 
I don't take to failure very well.  Horribly actually.  But there is a little part of me that says I haven't failed completely.....I am still within the year and I could still read my bible.  I just need to change my approach a little. 
I will decide what to do and keep you/my blogging family updated.


  1. You can do it! I believe God is with you on your quest. I have amended my own to simply reading my Bible from cover to cover and blogging along the way. I am also going to attempt reading the entire Bible in 90 days (through a challenge I have found on mom', although I don't quite know if I'm up to blogging through that. But always believe that God is with you on your journey!

  2. Thank You Megan. I will be posting my new/revised plan soon.

  3. It's always exciting to know you can keep going. I have also found in my Bible studies that if you fall behind, you can always catch back up. I know deadlines are helpful but I have been trying to just allow the Holy Spirit to guide my studies lately and I think I've been learning so much more.