Sunday, June 12, 2011

What's the plan stan???

What's the plan? 
Option A:   Become one of the many people that started to read the bible but fell off somewhere in the middle and never finished.

Option B:  pick up where I left off and attempt to continue down my chronological path behind schedule

Option C:  regroup and form a new plan of attack.  Possibly the Read the bible in 90 days plan.


Possibly a combination of Option B and C.

Option B because I like the format of chronological and I won't feel  like a failure.  Even if I did option C with no complications I still would be a little disappointed because I didn't complete my goal of reading the bible chronologically.

Option C is a little more popular and even has an audio version on iTunes.  This would be good for me as I accepted a new job with a 45 minute one way commute....this would allow me to listen to the bible.  Something that would 
a. keep me off my cell phone
b. make my drive go by faster
c. help me to achieve my goal

So what are your thoughts?


  1. I am due to start a Bible in 90 Days plan with at the beginning of July. I am so excited. Using the B90 Bible, it's only 12 pages a day, about an hour of reading. It's an option you could consider, and there will be support groups to keep you going as well :)

  2. (1) Know that you are being supported. I linked to your last post on my "What They're Saying" post (a daily list of links to other sites) on The Voice asking people to support you.

    (2) I like your combo of (b) and (c). I found blogging through the Bible was really impractical because of how the chapters were laid out, but I'm still sticking with the reading. We all fall behind a bit. I'm currently catching up myself. You're not alone. =)

  3. Hang in there, Kelly. It doesn't matter how long it takes, but keep reading. the Bible is an awesome book, and reading it regularly does begin to change you from within. So, B, C, whatever. But keep in touch with this book somehow!

  4. Option C would help your long drive to your new job. Plus I gave you an award today so come by and pick it up.

  5. I hope you're still reading. Your thoughts on God's Word were always nice to read. Don't give up. Just ask Him for guidance and He will put you on the path you're supposed to be on.

  6. thank you all for such wonderful and supportive words.